Teamwork Ch. 03

The fox crept through the night-time undergrowth of the forest towards the curious noise that had been permeating the air for the last several minutes. It didn't sound threatening, and there was an unusual, attractive smell on the late spring breeze. It found the source of the noise, and froze. It didn't recognise the creature, but it was large, and had rather a lot of limbs. It was also prone, and mostly un-moving. It came to the conclusion that it was a very sick cow or somesuch, dying. Cows were more trouble than they were worth when they were alive. Meat was meat; it could wait.

The Human man and the Dwarven woman underneath him did not notice the fox - they were too busy fucking. The Dwarf woman's moans with each of the man's thrusts were getting more urgent. "Keep going. Keep going, but don't come," she told him.

"Tricky," the man replied.

"I'm close," she panted, "I need to finish, but you need to come in my arse."

"I think I can manage that."

"You will, Jon, you will."

The woman's moans reached a crescendo, and her body stiffened and shook, as Jon froze, embedded to the hilt in her pussy. When she stopped shaking, he slowly pulled out. "Lift your legs."

She did, and he caught her under the knees and lifted them over his shoulders. Pressing down against her, he pushed her ankles up to her shoulders, and opened her up down below. He positioned himself carefully, and pushed inside her arsehole.

"Fuck, Jon! Yes!"

Jon began thrusting into her, starting slowly, but rapidly picking up speed. The Dwarf's massive breasts bounced back and forth with his thrusts as he applied more force, until after not very long at all, he stiffened and grunted, and ground his hips against her arse as he came.

Gasping for breath, the pair of the disentangled themselves and lay down next to each other, spooning, Jon reaching around to the woman's front to cup one of her huge breasts.

"Gods, Demona, you really enjoy me coming inside you, don't you?"

"I love it, Jon."

"Henta doesn't let me come in her at all when she's worried she might get pregnant. But you always insist I come inside you."

"I'm just your huge come-slut, Jon. Huge."

"How do you think the others are getting on?"

"We'll give them a few more minutes, I think. Besides, I always need a few more minutes after you come in my arse, 'cos you make me go all wobbly-legged."

"What about when I come in your pussy?"

"That's when I make you go all wobbly-legged."

A few yards away, past a line of trees, in a small firelit clearing, a female Half-Orc sat spread-eagled, leaning back against a tree, one hand squeezing her ample right breast, the other busy rubbing between her legs. Opposite her, in an almost identical position, a female Halfling was doing the same thing. They were looking at each other, eyes roving over the other's naked body, as they masturbated for each other's pleasure. They were panting and moaning, sweating lightly with effort despite the cool night breeze.

The Halfling dropped both hands to her crotch and rubbed furiously for a few seconds. With a wail, she threw her head back, arching her back and pushing her tits out, her body spasming as, with a giggle, she came. She relaxed and looked over at her partner again, still breathing heavily.

"Gods, Henta. You're such a magnificent sight. Someone should ... should carve a statue of yer! Looking like 'at."

"If you're done, come over here," Henta told her.

The Halfling got to her knees and crawled over to the larger woman, making sure she got a good view of her large (for a Halfling) hanging breasts, and the heart-shaped curves of her bottom. She kissed her way up the Half-Orc's well-muscled and shapely leg, over her washboard stomach, and around the swell of her generous breasts.

"Cut it out, Evey. Just stick your hand in my pussy."

"Aw, Henta - don't you want me to suck your big, stiff, nipples? Don't you want me to lick every inch of your gorgeous green areola? Don't you want me to bury my head in your gorgeous cleavage and lick and kiss every inch of skin between your nipples?"

"Fist me, Evey!" the Half-Orc grunted between gritted teeth. "I'm close and I need something big to tip me over!"

"Can I suck your tits after?"

"I'll fucking feed you my nipples!"

Evey - short for Evangeline - grinned and knelt down between the Half-Orc's wide-spread legs. She ran her hand up the inside of one thigh to Henta's pussy, and slipped her fingers inside as Henta's own hand retreated to her clitoris. Then her hand slipped in, then her wrist. She stopped there, looking up at Henta's huge heaving breasts, then plunged her arm in, almost up to her elbow.

"Fuck!" Henta bucked, then drove her hips forward as Evangeline started sliding her arm in and out of the Half-Orc's pussy. "They need to make dildos shaped like Halfling forearms!" Henta groaned.

"How's it compare to Jon's cock?"

"'Bout the same size, but much bigger tip, and Gods that feels good!"

Henta rubbed her clit furiously for a few seconds, then with a single, explosive, shout, came hard. Her legs straightened, her body shook, her tits quivered, and Evangeline's arm was drenched in her come.

Evangeline withdrew her arm and massaged it slightly as she licked it clean, while Henta gasped for breath. "Now ain't that ironic? I can't fuck Jon, 'cos 'is cock's the size of my forearm. But my forearm can fuck you, and so does Jon's cock."

Henta pushed the Halfling woman onto her back and knelt over her. "Don't tell Jon," she whispered, "but that felt better than his cock."

"Really?" Evangeline grinned. "I wonder ifmmph!"

She was cut off as Henta lowered one of her breasts into her mouth, and she instantly began sucking.

"I enjoy what we do together, Evey," the Half-Orc said, "and I like it when you make me come. I like it when I make you come. But I like it more when Jon makes me come, and I like it most of all when Jon comes in me." She chuckled to herself. "Guess I shouldn't be so scared halfway between my monthlies, but I do love it when Jon comes in me - and pregnancy ain't for me."

Evangeline levered the huge breast out of her mouth. "Let 'im come in yer arse, or down yer throat - that's what Demona does."

With a muttered, "Demona!" Henta sat up. "What about you? Would you let Jon come in you halfway between your monthlies - if he could?"

"I'd tell 'im to come in my arse. He's very fond of my arse, is Jon." Evangeline sat up too. "Or used to be, anyway."

"Before me and Demona came along, you mean?"

Evangeline blushed and scowled at the same time. "Yeah. 'e 'ardly looks at me a' all now. Not when he's got two busty goddesses of fightin' and fuckin' to look at an' fuck."

"He still looks at you," Henta reassured her. "Especially since you found out there's a group of Halflings living in the town we're headed for, and you started going with your jerkin undone, and wearing a low-cut shirt."

"Yeah, well, I'm pretty stacked for a Halfling, right? If there's a male Halfling in Skara Brae, my tits'll catch him, and I'll be wavin' you lot goodbye."

"That's what you've said before, yeah."

"Yeah. I mean - Henta, your tits are bigger'n my head! And I love playin' with 'em. But that's the point - ever since I left home everything's been bigger'n I can take on. So if there's somewhere where I can fit in - an' more important, things'll fit in me - that's where I'm gonna stay."

"We'll miss you," Henta said quietly. "Jon most of all."

"Yeah," Evangeline replied, subdued. "An' I'll miss you all. But I need to find someone I fit with."

Henta patted her companionably on the back, and tried not to accidentally knock her over.


"You really should do up your jerkin, Evangeline," Demona said as they walked along.

It was a long and winding road that they were walking along. The surrounding landscape was gently undulating, with the occasional large rock or sudden hill rising out of it, and sparse forests along the route. The weather was getting warmer, and despite the clouds, it was a nice day for walking.

Evangeline, a yard behind her, shrugged. "Why bother? It's not like it's proper armour, what's gonna stop a sword thrust. And I never got hit once in all the fights I've bin in, anyway."

"Likely because Henta and I were making an effort to draw all the attacks to ourselves. Perhaps we shouldn't do that in future, eh, Henta?"

"Meh," the Half-Orc replied from the front of their little party. As a hunter, she was best suited to scout out routes, and detect anyone waiting in ambush. As such, she was habitually terse when they were on the march.

"Demona, if Evangeline says she's confident of not getting hit in a fight, she's not getting hit in a fight," Jon said from the rear.

"It's not just about getting hit in a fight," the paladin said. "I mean, she's a rogue, no one really expects her to get hit in a fight. She's not expected to wade in to the heavy fighting like me and Henta, so she doesn't really need to worry about being hit in a fight."

"Then what do you mean?" asked Evangeline.

"What if we're ambushed?" Demona asked. "There's no warning there, no time to do your jerkin up or even ready your mace, when an arrow comes out of nowhere and hits the nice little bullseye marked by the intersection of your cleavage and your shirt."

"Hey! There's nothing 'little' about my cleavage."

"I didn't mean you've got small tits, Evangeline, I meant it's a perfect tempting target for a hidden bowman to aim at."

"I know. But really, if they're gonna be aiming at anyone's cleavage, it'll be Henta's."

"Why Henta's? She doesn't show cleavage in her armour."

"Yeah, but her chainmail's a lot less shapely than her, it doesn't leave much to the imagination, 'specially for a good bowman."

"Maybe, but I would imagine they'd pick a more vulnerable area to aim at," Demona said, "like her head - or your cleavage."

"Maybe. But you gotta admit, Henta's cleavage is one hell of a tempting target, armoured or not."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Oh come on! Even you've sucked 'er tits, and you keep insisting you only get going for 'cocks only'."

"What?" Demona stumbled slightly and blushed. "When do you think I sucked Henta's tits?"

"Our first celebration with you, for a start," Evangeline said.

"Solstice party," Jon added, "right in the common room of the inn, too."

"When we infiltrated that party of Baron Vennat's," Henta reminded her, "and had to pretend we were making out when we got caught trying to break into his safe."

"Really?" asked Jon. "You never told us about that?"

"We didn't want to get you too over-excited," Henta called back over her shoulder. "Nothing much happened anyway - some busybody just wandered by, saw Demona sucking some tits in half-light, and buggered off as soon as he saw they were my tits." Henta was understandably annoyed that people who saw her tended to salivate over her curves right up until the moment they noticed her skin was green, but it did prove useful on occasion.

"Isn't just snogging more usual for that sor' o' distraction?" asked Evangeline.

"They were right in my eyeline!" Demona snapped. "And we only had a fraction of a second to act!"

"And yet you still found time to pull my dress down and start sucking," Henta pointed out. "Would'a bin nice if you didn't stop so soon."

"We were on a mission!" Demona snarled. "And none of this has anything to do with Evangeline's cleavage being an exposed target!"

"Oh come on, Demona!" Evangeline cried. "Look at this place! It's empty! No one's going to ambush us, 'cos there's no one around to ambush!"

Just then, the party rounded a bend in the road shielded by a large rock and turned into a short defile - where a group of bandits were threatening a Halfling man and a Human woman stood back-to-back in the middle of the road.

"Whoops," Jon said quietly. There was barely a second to take in the scene - the Halfling had a cheap chain shirt and carried a lute over one shoulder, a wineskin over the other, and what would be a broadsword to him in his hand, while the Human was dressed in black robes with gold trim and carried a staff, and they were pretty much surrounded by six bandits toting variations on the theme of spear - before everyone exploded into action.

"Get 'em!" two people yelled at once, one of them Henta. Her spear sailed through the air and jerked a bandit to a halt mid-lunge, as she moved forward drawing her sword. Demona went past her on the left, war axe already swinging at the closest target. The two Halflings leapt forward, swinging their weapons, and ended up face-to-face at the edge of the melee with the remains of an unfortunate bandit at their feeet. Jon sprinted forward, magical fire arcing from his hands at the nearest bandit, until he reached the black-clad woman who was hunkering down in the middle of the road, and bent to shelter her.

Henta, Demona, and the two Halflings quickly despatched the remaining bandits, though Henta took a slice to her leg as the final one went down.

"Not a-fucking-gain!" she complained, staggering against Demona for support.

"What? What is it?" asked the woman.

"Got my leg sliced open!" Henta told her. "Same fucking leg as last time, too!"

Seeing that the bandits were all down, she stood up. "Oh, please, let me. Least I can do." She came over and placed her hand on the wound, muttered a few words, and a golden light knitted the wound's edges together. "How's that?"

Henta tested her leg. "Good as new. Thanks!"

"You're a magician?" Jon asked.

"Yes. My name's Eluminel, this is Dorian."

"Jon - conjurer. This is Henta, a hunter, Demona, a paladin, and Evangeline, a rogue."

"As if I couldn't guess! And Dorian's a bard. Though strangely silent for one, right now."

"Still stunned by events!" the Halfling man declared, barely taking his eyes off Evangeline, or rather, her cleavage.

"Stunned by something," Eluminel smirked. "He and I are travelling to Skara Brae to look for work and visit his kin. We must thank you for your assistance with these bandits - I admit I don't think we would have prevailed without you, and our preparations for journeying this land were lacking."

"That's quite alright," Jon demurred. "We are travelling to Skara Brae ourselves, so that Evangeline can feel a bit less homesick - though maybe she won't be wanting to now?"

"Oh, I do!" she said, eyes locked on Dorian. "I still do."

Jon grinned. "Maybe we should travel together?" he suggested. "I doubt any but the most desperate or large of bands would attack our combined party."

"I doubt they would either," Eluminel agreed. "Shall we?"

"Of course!" Jon gestured, and Henta, rolling her eyes somewhat, led the party off again. Demona followed, then Dorian and Evangeline, with Jon and Eluminel bringing up the rear. Jon couldn't help sneaking glances at Eluminel's noticeably curvy figure, and thinking that if it was so noticeably curvy under a relatively shapeless robe, what must it be like without the robe?

"So how's conjuring keeping you?" she asked.

"Quite well," Jon replied, "but not as well as it could be. What about magic?"

"I've had better days."

"Haven't we all? Who did you train under?"

"Oh - my training would have been before your time."

"Really? I may only be twenty-three, but I mean no flattery when I say you look no older than I do." Eluminel laughed at that. "My Master was Nivarius, in the capital. Quite an achievement for my family to arrange an apprenticeship with him, really, but I understand there was a special arrangement made somewhere."

"Doesn't surprise me. Old Elves get up to all sorts of mischief, that they can get blackmailed over. I shall have to call on him at some point, see how he's doing."

"You know Master Nivarius?"

"Old friend of the family," she explained. "I knew him when I was young."

Ahead of them, something Dorian said made Evangeline giggle and glance over her shoulder.

"Young? But you barely look out of apprenticeship already."

"Oh, I've been lots of things before I decided to study magic. And lots of things after, before I came back to it."

"How do you mean?"

"I was a seamstress when I first ran away from home. Then I was a dancer, then I was a prostitute, then I was a spy, then I first started studying magic. Couldn't hack it back then, though, never passed Review. Then I was a caravan master, then a traitor-"

"A traitor? Excuse me, what?"

"Oh, long story, totally irrelevant now," she waved his concern off. "Then an innkeeper, then an executioner, then a magistrate, then a caravan trader, then a dancer - again - then a scribe, then a beekeeper - hated that, the smoke made me as sleepy as the bees - then a brothel madam, then I studied magic for a bit again, then I became a herald, and now I'm a magician again, full-time."

"That," Jon managed, "is a long and storied personal history."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll get to hear it all in detail as we get better acquainted." She brushed back her chest-length black hair to reveal the points on her ears. "We Elves love talking about history, after all."


That night they camped in a small cave not far from the road, building their fire at the mouth to keep out unwanted visitors in the night. After supper, they split into three pairs to bed down, and three separate whispered conversations broke out.

Under a single blanket, the two Halflings were getting acquainted.

"I'm ashamed to say it, but I just can't take my eyes off your tits," Dorian whispered.

"That's what they're there for," Evangeline told him. "Nice, aren't they?"

"I don't think I've ever seen bigger ones except on Big Folk," he replied.

"Yeah, they're good like that."

"That's the problem, though. Everything about the Big Folk - they're big."

"Nothin' fits - either way you put it."

"Exactly. It's gotten mighty frustrating for me, travelling these lands for the last five years, seeing so many curvy arses, so many huge boobs, and not being able to properly satisfy myself."

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean."

"And now, right in front of me, a pair of boobs worthy of a Human, owned by a beautiful Halfling woman."

"A beautiful Halfling woman who's just as starved for proper-sized cock as the 'andsome Halfling man in front o' me is starved for proper-sized pussy."

"Serendipitous. And, of course, your beautiful bountiful assets are a nice bonus."

"Couldn't've put it better myself. You want a proper look at 'em?"

"Yes, please!"

Evangeline pulled her shirt off and wriggled closer. "There. How's that?"

"Wonderful," Dorian breathed. His hands rose to cup and caress her breasts, as lower down under the blanket, Evangeline's hands unfastened both their loincloths.

"It's bin a while for you, yeah?"

"Yes. Well - I have been fortunate enough that my profession tends to attract ladies who are eager to get my full acquaintance, and many of them have been generous enough to accompany me to bed - even Eluminel. But sadly, they were all too large for me to give them proper satisfaction, or to receive it - except possibly Eluminel."

"Except her?" Under the blanket, Evangeline guided one of his hands to her crotch, then began stroking his cock.

"She's put her long Elven life to full advantage; she knows many tricks and techniques that even the most eager Human whore would never be able to replicate. When she rode me, it was much more satisfying than with a Human - but still less than with a Halfling."

"Well, there's a lady right in front of you now who craves proper satisfaction, and can give it to you right back."

"I'm very glad to hear it."

"I won't be riding you 'ere, though. Migh' be a bit much for the others to pretend to ignore, that."r"


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